Quilting Services

Long-Arm Quilting Service 

Sewn and Quilted offers an on-site professional Long-Arm Machine Quilting Service for Edge-to-Edge quilting, along with an optional binding service.

Long-Arm Pricing Guide  

Edge-to-Edge Quilting

We offer an Edge-to-Edge quilting service, and have an extensive collection of pantograph patterns for you to select from. Pattern prices range from $3.00  - $5.50 per square foot.

You can browse our range of Edge-to-Edge designs by clicking here


There is an additional charge for the cost of thread. This is based on the size of the quilt and the density of the quilting design. Our preferred thread of choice for quilting is either Signature 100% cotton, or Wonderfil Konfetti and Tutti. We have a full range of these threads at our shop for you to select from, alternatively you can browse them by clicking here

Pre-wound bobbins are generally used in conjunction with your top thread selection, as these provide an even tension on the back of your quilt. The cost of these is included in the thread charge, and we have a large selection of colours available.


We offer a number of different binding services, which can include making your binding and attaching it to the front of your quilt, or attaching binding you have made to the front of your quilt.

These services are charged at an hourly rate of $40 per hour.


We offer a basting service to sandwich your quilt top, batting and backing fabric together, in preparation for you to hand quilt your quilt. Large basting stitches, approx. ¾” to 1” in size, are machine tacked both vertically and horizontally on your quilt. Each row of stitches is approx. 3 – 4” apart. These basting stitches are easily removed when you have completed your hand quilting.

Basting services are charged at $45 per hour. This incorporates any preparation we need to do prior to loading your quilt onto our quilting frame, along with the actual basting. There is also a small thread charge. As a guideline, a Single Bed quilt may take approx. 1-1/2” hours plus thread, so around $63. And a Queen size quilt may take approx. 2 hours plus thread, so around $85. Note that these are estimates only, and you will be charged actual time taken, so it may be less than these amounts, or a little more if additional preparation is required.

Calculating the Size Of Your Quilt (In Square Feet)

  1. Measure the length and the width of the top of the quilt in inches
  2. Multiply the length by the width
  3. Divide that figure by 144. This gives the total quilt area in square feet

Other Charges Which May Apply


Preparation charge is $45 per hour. This covers everything we need to do to your quilt components right up to when we start the actual quilting for you. Preparation may include backing material needing to be joined, ironing of your quilt top beforehand, removing errant threads, trimming excess backing, trimming or joining of batting, or any other service where we have to 'prepare' your quilt top, batting or backing in order to load it onto the machine.  The better prepared your quilt top and backing are, the less preparation we need to do. 

Custom sleeves

We can make and add a custom sleeve to enable hanging your quilt far easier:  our fee for this service is charged at $40 per hour


We can attach a label during the quilting process: our fee for this service is charged at $40 per hour

Batting (Wadding)

We stock a range of quality battings for purchase in our shop, which are our preferred battings to use when quilting. These include Matilda's Own brand and Quilters Dream.  You can browse the batting we have available on our website by clicking here.  

Tips for Preparing Your Quilt

  • Please do NOT baste your quilt - it will only result in additional preparation charges for us to take out the basting. We need your quilt top, batting and backing to be three separate pieces.
  • Your batting needs to be a minimum of 4" (10cm) wider on each side, and 4" (10cm) longer on the top and bottom than your quilt top.
  • Your quilt backing needs to be a minimum of 5" (12.5cm) wider on each side, and 5" (12.5cm) longer on the top and bottom of your quilt top. This is necessary to attach your quilt successfully to the quilting frame.
  • NO embellishments are to be sewn to the quilt top prior to quilting please.
  • The quilt top and backing should be clipped free of loose threads on both the right and wrong sides of each of the top and the backing.
  • Tops and backings should be pressed, ready for quilting, to avoid additional preparation charges
  • Tops should be pressed with seams to one side for preference, not open. This will ensure a stronger seam throughout the life of the quilt.
  • If you have joined large pieces of fabric to make your backing, your seams should be nice and wide (approx. 5/8”) and need to be pressed OPEN. This will ensure a flatter seam and help to avoid a ‘ridge’ along the join.

** The prices above are a guide for you to use to estimate the cost involved. For a firm quote, and to discuss your quilting requirements in detail, please email: sales@sewnandquilted.com.au,  or call us on (03) 9877 1664.