Fun with Wool and Felt Newsletter

Wool and Felt are wonderful mediums to work with. If you haven't tried them yet, now is a great time to give them a go! They add so much fun, dimension, colour and texture to your projects.
Fun Facts:
  • No need to turn the edges under for applique
  • A huge range of colours to choose from, and very textural to work with
  • Wool and Felt are SO forgiving! No need for total accuracy at all!
  • Many fun projects for children to try too
  • A perfect way to learn or practice some embroidery stitches! Make the stitches as simple or as complex as you want - let the coloured threads do the work for you!
What's the Difference between Wool Felt and Felted Wool?
Wool Felt - made from wool fibres that are matted together using a process combining heat, moisture and agitation. Wool Felt does not tear easily and it does not fray, it has a heaviness and firmness that helps it hold its shape when making dimensional projects. Wool Felt can be found here on our website.
Felted Wool - the process for making felted wool begins just like making traditional cloth. The wool fibres are spun into threads and the threads are woven. The resulting cloth then undergoes the same process of heat, moisture and agitation as wool felt. Felted Wool is much softer and drapes like cloth, it is ideal for applique and does not need to be interfaced - just cut and stitch. However the edges need to be whip stitched to avoid any fibres fraying from the edges.

We stock the full range of Sue Spargo Hand Dyed Wool and accompanying Ellana Wool Threads (used to whip stitch edges). These wools can be used to create beautiful applique and because the wool thread colours match perfectly, your whip stitching disappears into the wool.
Threads and Tools we recommend:
  • Choose from the Eleganza, Razzle or Dazzle ranges of thread to embellish your applique. Or for something different you could choose from the beautiful House of Embroidery range of threads.
  • Creative Stitching 2nd Edition is a must have when using any of Sue Spargo's patterns - or for any embroidery. This beautifully presented ring bound book contains detailed instructions and photos for a large range of embroidery stitches, as well as thread and needle suggestions.
  • Needles depend on the work being done and the thread being used. But generally we recommend Chenille or Milliners needles in a range of sizes. We stock a range of Sue Spargo needles, and also recommend Bohin or Tulip needles.
  • Other handy notions to fill out your tool kit are the Spoke Easy template and Loop Easy template by Sue Spargo, needle nannys to keep track of your needles and a sharp pair of small scissors to cut your felt. Thread Magic is a fantastic thread conditioner and can be used with the Razzle and Dazzle threads with great effect.

Thread Facts

Lets learn about Sue Spargo Eleganza Thread
Sue Spargo's Eleganza Perle cotton collection is designed to meet the specific needs of hand stitchers, embroiderers and embellishers. Passionate about stitching, Sue set out to design a product of utmost quality in collaboration with Wonderfil Specialty Threads. This gorgeous 8wt, 2-ply 100% long staple Egyptian cotton thread is double-gassed and mercerized, resulting in a wonderfully smooth and lustrous surface that allows the thread to glide beautifully through all types of fabrics and fibres. The thread's tight twist creates beautifully firm stitches while its surface sheen produces a luxurious finish to embellishment stitchery. Offered in 90 regular colours, and 50 primitive colours, Eleganza is a perfect match for your next hand work or embellishment project. This thread is also available in 5wt and 3wt
Simple project choices to get you started: Choose from any of the Corrine LaPierre kits, Wendy Williams Travel Thread range, Windflower Embroidery range or a kit from Glenda Cust. All of these kits contain most if not all of the requirements to complete the project. Many are also beginner friendly.
Looking for something a little more challenging: Select from any of our Sue Spargo or Wendy Williams patterns - create a gorgeous wool pincushion, notions pouch, a needle roll or for a slightly larger project a cushion cover. We also stock a range of both Sue and Wendy's larger quilt patterns.
If you are just starting out in your wool applique journey you could make a start with a pack of pre-cut wool shapes - eliminate the fiddly cutting step and get started straight away. We have a range of felt pre-cuts from both Sue Spargo and Wendy Williams
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - We have limited stock of the now discontinued Sue Spargo SPECIAL EDITION Breast Cancer Awareness Collection. The pack includes three spools of Eleganza Perle cotton, one spool of Dazzle and one spool of Razzle Variegate. Created in partnership with Bright Pink, a US based non-profit focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women.
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