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BeColourful by Jacqueline de Jonge

  • BeColourful : Fantasia

    BeColourful : Fantasia

      Fantasia is an explosion of colors and a pleasure to look at. The fresh and bright colors are the true BeColourful colors: sparkling and vibrant and made from the collections she designed for Anthology fabrics. This design with her 16 stars,...

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  • BeColourful : Beautiful Day

    BeColourful : Beautiful Day

    What sparkling colors in this beautiful flower quilt. Every year Jacqueline designed a flower quilt and for this year she designed Beautiful Day! This design takes you outside, to Summer, to your garden. You might even get a vacation feeling when you...

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  • BeColourful : Bluetiful

    BeColourful : Bluetiful

    BeColourful : Bluetiful We're excited to present you our first bed quilt: "Bluetiful"With her beautiful star in the center and the fabulous checkerboard with flying geese in a delicate circle around it, this quilt is a feast for the eye. Eight beautiful...

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  • BeColourful : Festival

    BeColourful : Festival

    BeColourful : Festival This delightful design in the beautiful colors of the rainbow is truly stunning.The design is simple: a beautiful central star framed in the middle by a circle of spikes. Then the exquisite white fabric which is perfect for great...

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  • BeColourful : Color Dance

    BeColourful : Color Dance

    BeColourful : Color Dance "Color Dance" speaks for itself with the dancing movements and the amazing flowing curves that surround her. Our signature stripes of fabric are subtly incorporated into the star and the ends of the spiked swirls.The nice...

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  • BeColourful : Summertime

    BeColourful : Summertime

    BeColourful : Summertime "Summertime" is a fabulous design and meant to make you totally happy.She is perfect as a wall hanging but also big enough to make her a bed quilt. The cheerful floral border make this quilt a picture to fall in love with...

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  • BeColourful : Allegra

    BeColourful : Allegra

    Every year Jacqueline chooses a beautiful 'old' design to put in the spotlights again. This year she has chosen "Bloomingtale", a beautiful design that is already made in different color variations but never in the beautiful vivid colors of the Rainbow...

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  • BeColourful : Happiness 2.0

    BeColourful : Happiness 2.0

    We call her "Happiness 2.0" the re-design of the original "Happiness". This is the perfect beginners quilt. This lovely design features 13 techniques Jacqueline uses in all her designs. It's a beautiful small wall hanging and she's beautiful in the...

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  • BeColourful : Flora Bella

    BeColourful : Flora Bella

    A beautiful name for a beautiful quilt: "Flora Bella". Freely translated from Italian as "beautiful flower". And I think that this is exactly what we show you. The colors are great: the soft orange with the strong green in a beautiful white...

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