Aurifil - It's all about the Thread!

In this newsletter we thought we'd focus on Aurifil thread as it's a true favourite with our customers! It is so versatile with all of its different weights and uses, and truly never disappoints.
We stock a huge range of Aurifil threads in various weights and the vast choice of beautiful colours that are available.
Let's go through some THREAD FACTS, our THREAD CLUBS, and a CROSS STITCH PILLOW stitched with AURIFLOSS.

** The HIGHER the thread weight number, the FINER the thread. So 50wt thread is finer than 40wt thread. 80wt thread is the finest Aurifil, and 12wt is the heaviest Aurifil thread.

**Aurifil is a superior thread to use as
  • It produces virtually no lint
  • Smooth to the touch and to use
  • Thread colours blend in with your fabrics beautifully

**We currently stock Aurifil in the following weights and sizes :
  • 12wt (small and large spools)
  • 28wt (large spools)
  • 40wt (large spools and cones in selected colours)
  • 50wt (small and large spools, and cones in selected colours)
  • 80wt (small spools)
  • AURIFLOSS - 6 stranded embroidery thread on a small spool!
**The different thread weights can be identified by the colour of the spool: 12wt Red spool; 28wt Grey spool; 40wt Green spool; 50wt Orange spool, 80wt Wooden spool.
There are 270 colours available in each weight, with the exception of the 80wt thread which has a choice of 88 colours
All of the Aurifil products have a huge variety of uses. Aurifil have a fabulous brochure that goes into great details about each of their threads, and you'll no doubt find this an invaluable resource.
Click here to download a copy of the brochure.
We are ready to refresh and relaunch our thread clubs!
Commencing in October, these clubs will run over 6 or 9 months depending on your choice.
Each club will deliver spools in a balance of colours, including a mix of light, medium and dark values across each colour family - PLUS a storage container.
Your choice of: Our SMALL spool club options are available in 4 choices of thread weight and run over 9 months. You will receive a total of 72 threads (8 per month). Choose from 2 different 50wt selections (Selection A is the original selection of colours, Selection B is recommended for those who have participated in the past), 12wt, 80wt or Aurifloss.
Full detail can be found on our website here
Our LARGE spool club options are available in 4 choices of thread weight and run over 6 months. You will receive a total of 36 threads (6 per month). Choose from 12wt, 28wt, 40wt and 50wt.
Full details can be found on our website here
Enrolment forms for both Thread Lovers Clubs can be found on our website here
The Aurifil website has lots of pattern suggestions and Sue has created a small cushion using one of their cross stitch designs. Inspired by the French General fabric range 'Jardin de Fleurs', we have put together kits which include the printed pattern, laguna (choose from 25 count in Ecru or 28 count in Brittany), French General backing fabric, ric rac for the cushion edge, needle and 6 spools of floss.
If you haven't tried Aurifil thread as yet, we highly recommend that you give it a go and feel sure that you won't be disappointed!

Happy Stitching

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