Fun with Magic Mirrors, Thread Special plus What's New

Have you ever played with a Magic Mirror? Or used Fussy Cutting Viewers? We look at both of these tools in this newsletter.
PLUS, we compare 28wt and 12wt Aurifil threads and their different uses.
PLUS we have a super special price on some 50wt and 80wt Aurifil thread packs!

Magic Mirrors

Use these folding mirrors to preview your quilt blocks before cutting or sewing. By reflecting a small portion of a block in a pair of mirrors, the multiple reflections create an illusion of an entire block.

Fussy Cutting Viewers

Fussy cutting viewers allow you to easily define which section of fabric will fit into the shape you are cutting by blocking out the surrounding fabric.
Add a magic mirror and see what effect you can get when joining multiple shapes together. Simply open the mirror so it sits along two edges of your chosen shape. These images are all from the same piece of fabric.
We currently have the following sets of Fussy Cutting Viewers in stock
  • Hexagons
  • Pentagons
  • 8-Pointed Stars
  • Honeycombs
Check out this YouTube video demonstrating the 6" Square Magic Mirror we stock.

Aurifil 28wt versus 12wt (Remember 28wt is a finer thread than 12wt)

Sometimes these threads can be used for the same purpose, depending on the finished look you are aiming for. 28wt is lighter than 12wt but with more presence than 40wt.

12wt (Red Spool) use for:
  • Applique - especially good for blanket stitch on fabric or wool
  • Hand Quilting - perfect for big stitch quilting
  • Embroidery (1 or 2 strands)
  • Cross Stitch
  • Decorative Top Stitching
  • Visible Mending
  • Sashiko (1 or 2 strands)
28wt (Grey Spool) use for:
  • Hand Quilting
  • Hand Embroidery - using up to 4 threads
  • Machine Quilting
  • Decorative Top Stitching
  • Applique
  • Use a bigger needle in your machine (90/14) and matching 50wt thread in your bobbin.

Windermere Fabrics

With our kits all cut for the Windermere Quilt and pre-orders filled, we have any available fabrics we have left available for purchase on our website, along with a few of the Windermere booklets also.

Aurifil Special Packs

Here is a list of suggested thread colours that work beautifully with any of the Di Ford Hall fabrics, notably her current Windermere range.
Available as either a 50wt pack or 80wt pack, or a mixture if preferred. These threads are available individually, or we have some packs available at a special price until Friday 15th October!
80wt: 2310, 2362, 2340, 2375, 1103, 2930, 2370, 2610
50wt: 2312, 2326, 2340, 2375, 1103, 2930, 2370, 1246
50wt threads x 8 as per listed colours (normally $76.00) $65.00
80wt threads x 8 as per listed colours (normally $108.00) $95.00
4 x 50wt  & 4 x 80wt threads from listed colours (normally $92.00) $80.00


Quiltmania, Simply Moderne and Simply Vintage magazines are running very late this month. However they are at last on their way to us and are due to arrive late next week (hopefully!)
Quiltmania Issue 145
Simply Modern Issue 26
Simply Vintage Issue 40

Tilda Fabrics

A selection of fabrics from the Aella, Meadow Basics and Solids ranges

A Scrapbook of Quilts

A Scrapbook of Quilts Book by Carrie Nelson and Joanna Figueroa serves up a beautiful mix of 30 plus projects from just six quilt blocks and a collection of scraps, along with tips and tricks, artistic guidance on scrap quilting, and a bevy of inspiration, sprinkled with a bit of friendly banter!
That’s it for now – thanks for reading to the end! 
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