Class Covid Policy


The health and safety of our staff, teachers, students and customers is paramount.
Our goal is for everyone involved to feel comfortable in the classroom, and to minimise the risk of any Covid or other virus / germ transmission.

To achieve this, everyone has a role to play.


  • You need to provide proof that you are FULLY VACCINATED to attend a class (or provide proof that you have a valid medical exemption)
  • Please DO NOT attend class if you are feeling unwell in any way – even if you have “just a cold”, or any mild cough, cold, runny nose etc symptoms at all.
  • Use hand sanitiser on arrival and throughout the day
  • Please do not bring food to share

The following is EVERY STUDENT’S responsibility:

- Sanitize your hands on arrival to your class, and throughout the day. There is hand sanitiser available in the shop and classroom.

- If you are unwell in any way, DO NOT come to class. Even if you ‘just have a cold’ or are coughing, have any sign of a sore throat etc, DO NOT come to the shop or to class. Please don’t put us in the position of having to ask you to go home if you turn up unwell. The impact on those who work here at the shop, your teacher or fellow students, even if it’s ‘just a cold’ we catch from you, will impact us greatly. For us it could mean needing to close the shop for a week or two, or negatively impact your teacher or class members regarding where they work etc etc. Please be considerate!

- We will supply disposable drinking cups, but we recommend you bring your own cup for preference. You are welcome to bring your personal pre prepared lunch or snack, however, please also bring your own eating utensils if you require them. Any morning or afternoon tea provided by us will be individually wrapped items at this time. Please do not bring food to share.

- Please supply your own sewing equipment to be used within the classroom, e.g. Rotary cutters, rulers, scissors, pins etc

- You are welcome to hire a sewing machine for use during class – this will need to be sanitised / wiped down before it is put away after being used.

Sewn and Quilted’s responsibilities:

- All of us who work or teach at Sewn and Quilted are fully vaccinated

- Staff will wear masks while they remain required for retail staff

- Sanitiser and disinfectant hand wipes will be made readily available both in the shop and classroom

- Covid safe rules will be followed that are applicable to our retail environment

- Staff will do regular cleaning of door handles, handrails, cutting mats, tables, sewing machines, EFTPOS facilities and bathrooms on a regular basis, with supplied disinfectant and wipes

- when the weather is suitable, exterior doors to the shop and classroom will be opened to enable more airflow through these areas. Please bring a jacket in case you need one

- an air purifier unit will be operating in the classroom

- masks are not currently required for students and customers, but of course are welcomed!

Cancellation Policy:

- Until further notice, we will waive our normal cancellation policy and you will not be charged for your class if
you notify us you can’t attend due to having any Covid like (or other illness) symptoms at all. We are relying
on your honesty for the reasons you give to cancel your class.

- Please let us know at your earliest opportunity if you are unable to attend, and we will wear the cost of you
cancelling for health-related issues, rather than have you attend if there is any chance you may be

- If you cancel your class for reasons that are not health related, our normal cancellation policy will apply i.e. a
forfeit will be applied unless you give: 2 days notice for General classes, or a full weeks notice for Specialist
teacher classes.

- We reserve the right to cancel classes if we do not have enough numbers for the class to proceed, and this
will be at our discretion.
ALSO, for everyone’s comfort:

- Please do NOT wear perfume to class as we have some students and teachers who are sensitive to strong

- Please refrain from discussing any topics where people may have differing opinions e.g. Covid related topics,
vaccinations, politics, religion etc that can potentially make another person feel uncomfortable. We all have
so many more enjoyable things we can talk about!


Thanks everyone - our goal is to keep our shop and classes as safe and as comfortable as
possible for everyone