December 2019



It’s that crazy time of year again – already!  Nothing like having a Christmas buzz in the air for a great excuse to get together with friends over lunches and dinners, and the challenge of avoiding large shopping centres but still getting your shopping done!  All in the Spirit of Christmas.

Shop News

Christmas / New Year Shop Hours
Please make a note of these times, a little different to past years……

Saturday 14 December open 10am to 12.30pm – Early Closing due to Christmas Party (see below)

Sunday 15 & Monday 16 December – closed as normal

Tuesday 17 to Saturday 21 December 10am to 4pm – open but no classes

Sunday 22 December to Tuesday 1 January inclusive – CLOSED!!

We re-open Thursday 2 January 2020 for normal hours and days (10am-4pm Tues – Sat)

Christmas Party
Last Call!  Just $5.00 gets you a fun afternoon with great company, delicious afternoon tea and inspiring show and tell!   And we’ll be unveiling some New Stuff for 2020!
When:  Saturday 14 December                    Time: 1.00pm – 3.30pm
Where:  One Community Church, 184 Surrey Road, Blackburn
Tickets:  $5.00, Bring a plate to share for afternoon tea and some Show and Tell.

How to book : Bookings can be made by phone (03) 9877 1664 or in person in our shop. Shop hours are Tuesday thru Saturday 10am to 4pm.
Summer School
At a loose end in January?  Always thought about attending our Summer School?  Well, it’s not too late – Bookings are Open!!  Classes are booking well, but there are still some vacancies. For all the class details click here.  We’d love to see you there!
When:  Mon 13th to Fri 25th Jan 2020        
Where:  One Community Church, 184 Surrey Road, Blackburn
Teachers:               ~ Rachael Daisy
                              ~ Rachelle Denneny
                              ~ Kate Marra
                              ~ Lisa Mattock
                              ~ Grace Jamieson & me (Carol)
                              ~ Glenda Cust
                              ~ Veronique Diligent
                              ~ Jenna
PLUS - Saturday 18th January - Product Demo Morning
          - Saturday 18th January - Colour Play Class (at the shop) with Grace
          - Saturday 25th January  - Sit and Sew Day

BOM Update

New Blocks of the Month (BOM) will be released at our Christmas Party!  Lots of inspiration for 2020 coming your way!!


Kris Kringle Ideas & Stocking Stuffers……..
We have lots of good ideas for you for those Kris Kringle presents and great stocking stuffers – just leave a list around for the family to find and check these out for your own gift giving.
Scrap Packs
For those of you who have attended a Lisa Mattock class, or if you just like little bits of fabric we have these scrap packs.

And these ones which are Liberty and lace/doiley
Both perfect for slow stitching over Summer
Cohana Products
Why not spoil yourself or a special friend with a Leather Sewing Pouch or Magnetic Spool Pin and Needle keeper in Hasami ware, both beautifully made in Japan and both available in a variety of colours.

Tape Measures
Every stitcher needs multiple tape measures and ones that fold away neatly like this Carabiner 10ft tape or a fold-your-own 150cm/60inch

Quick Unpick
No losing the lid with these fold away quick unpicks from Bohin and available in a variety of colours

Canary Micro Scissors
These very small, very cute scissors are airplane safe and just right for snipping threads, with spring loaded handles and a safety cover.

Pincushions are always a great gift.  Whether you choose to give ”the makings” or make them yourself to give away, we have what you need.  Carrie Nelson’s book “Pin Pals” is full of ideas for different pincushions, plus we have pincushion bases (also available in white) and walnut shells for stuffing to keep pins and needles sharp.

Pumpkin Pincushion
And if the thought of that is all too much, we have the ready-made variety too with the large Pumpkin style Pincushion from Matilda’s own.

Mini Hangers
Looking for a hanger for a mini wall quilt?  We have two different types for you and both just perfect for that little quilt.  (approx. 5½” hanging space)
Stash n Store
These fabulous containers come in two sizes – large and mini – and a variety of colours and are perfect for holding pens, pencils, scissors etc. either on your sewing table or to take to class or sewing group.

Needle Threaders
Need a little help threading your needle?  We have such a variety of needle threaders to do just that job!

Look at all our Ribbons!  Whether you use them to decorate bags, or handles for sewing pouches, or as ties on presents we’re sure you’ll find one, or several, you can’t live without.  We also have a large range of ric-rac which is also perfect as present ties.

Clover Clips
We can’t sew without our Clover Clips; holding EPP pieces, using instead of pins when sewing zips, clipping together sets of cut fabrics, holding binding in place…….the uses are endless!

Bobbin Holder
Never misplace the bobbin that goes with that thread again!

Amodex Ink and Stain Remover
Amodex Stain and Ink Remover is the fast, easy and non-toxic way to remove stains of all sorts from almost every surface possible. Whether you’ve stained canvas, wool, silk, nylon, fibreglass, vinyl or wood, it’s the product for you. It removes all inks, including pen inks, permanent markers, and highlighter, and it will even remove stubborn stains like grease, food, coffee, chocolate and more.
It is eco-friendly and non-toxic.  Removes all inks and lots of other hard to treat stains from almost any surface, including fabrics, leather, wood and more….even skin!  Instructions are included on how to effectively remove stains.
Perfect Scissors
Choose from Karen Kay Buckley’s curved or straight small scissors – perfect for embroidery and applique.

Spray Bottle
Matilda’s own bring you a great spray bottle to help with your pressing and ironing.  Perfect to use with Mary Ellen’s Best Press Spray Starch

Slow Stitch Huswif
A slow stitched project to store your favourite sewing tools and threads, from Forage by Lisa Mattock and l’uccello.

Christmas Decorations
Lisa Mattock from Forage has designed these beautiful slow-stitched Christmas Decorations.  The pattern comes with templates and instruction guide.

We have the new range of Meredithe Clark Signature Collection templates.  This time Meredithe has six new template sets for you.  And we have something very special happening with them in 2020 in the form of a Template BOM.  Find out more at our Christmas  Party!  (Further details will be coming soon!)
Liberty Accoutrements
From Liberty and made in Liberty fabrics, choose from a covered tape measure, scissor holder, pincushion or caddy (not pictured) or…..why not one of each!

HNK Minis
Helen from Hugs n Kisses has designed a series of simple stitcheries that are approximately 2-3" in size.  They look great framed in 6"/15cm picture frames or 4-6" embroidery hoops, or sew them onto bibs or grow suits, or stitch them into a little quilt.  So very cute.
Small Betsy Bag
An adorable pattern for a Liberty crocheted bag from Robyn Shapiro of The Strawberry Thief.  Not sure how to go about making this?  Then come to class with Glenda at Summer School to learn the how-to’s.

Gift Vouchers
Still not sure what to get?  Well, don’t forget we always have Gift Vouchers on hand.  A great present for someone who has “everything” or for someone to choose from this multitude of gift offerings!


::  Quiltmania Issue 134– now available
:: “Simply Modern” Issue 19 – now available
:: “Simply Vintage” Issue 33 – now available
Don’t miss out on any magazine copies.  Join our “regulars” list and have your copy reserved or mailed to you each edition.  Simply contact us to arrange for this to happen.

Did you know we can get in any Quiltmania magazine or book that is currently in print?  If you’ve seen a book you’d like or are missing an issue of a magazine, let us know the title details and we’ll order it in especially.  We can also set aside any of the above magazines on a regular basis for you – just call the shop with your details.


::  “Liberty”  by Liberty of London.  Six stunning new Liberty fabrics for your delectation
::  Sarah’s Story 1830-1850  by Betsy Chutchian.  Designer Betsy Chutchian introduces you to Sarah’s Story.  Once again, Betsy found inspiration within three antique quilts in her collection dating from the 1830-1840s and from Sarah Josepha Hale (1788-1879).  Four fabrics available.
::  Memoirs  by 3 Sisters.  Two stunning prints from 3 Sisters and 4 wide backs in the softest of fabrics.
:: “New York Skyline” This fabulous fabric is back in stock, featuring New York’s skyline in a wide back in either black/white or colour
That’s it for now.  Thanks for reading our newsletter to the very end! 

Wishing you and yours all the very best for the Christmas and New Year season.

Until next time
“Patchwork Made Possible”
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