More Aurifil Facts, Some Favourite and New Products.

We had some terrific feedback last week from our Aurifil newsletter - thanks everyone! Today we continue with our Aurifil facts, along with some of our customer's favourite products you may not know about, and of course some of the new products that have recently arrived. So heaps to tell you about this week!

Aurifil published a quote this week from a designer that sums thread choice up beautifully, so we thought it would be good to share it with you:
"Think about it, thread is literally holding our quilts together. Why would you want to compromise on quality? For me, Aurifil is the only choice for my quilt making now. It's strong and makes seams lie beautifully flat. The choice of colours and weights makes it perfect whatever look you're going for." -- Nicholas Ball
Quilt by Nicholas Ball, Image via Lucky Spool
Aurifil - 50wt versus 40wt (Remember 50wt is a finer thread than 40wt)

These 2 threads are similar enough in weight that sometimes you could use either. However other times there is a preference.

50wt (Orange Spool):
  • Use for both hand and machine piecing.
  • Fabulous for applique - both needle turn applique, blanket stitch and machine applique
  • If you wind a bobbin with 50wt, it lasts much longer than a bobbin wound with 40wt
  • If you use it for hand or machine piecing, you will get a flatter seam as it is a finer thread than 40wt
  • Fabulous for Foundation Paper Piecing
  • For sewing a finer fabric (e.g. Liberty) 50wt is the perfect choice
40 wt (Green Spool):
  • Use for both hand and machine piecing
  • If you are using 40wt as your top thread, you can still use 50wt in your bobbin which means your bobbin thread will last longer!
  • Perfect weight for dressmaking - the slightly heavier thread makes it slightly stronger for clothing
  • Terrific for topstitching
  • If you were sewing a heavier fabric (e.g. denim) or making a bag, 40wt as preferable as it is slightly stronger
We stock:
  • 50wt in both the large and small spools, along with a selection of Cones
  • 40wt  in the large spools, along with a selection of cones
Thread Clubs are available in any of the above, and now is the perfect time to join, with new clubs starting in October.
You will find registration forms and all relevant information on our website here

Favourite Products

Felted Wool Pressing Mat
The density of this high-quality 100% felted wool mat absorbs seams and stitches, effectively pressing both sides at once.
The texture of the wool stops fabrics from shifting so there is no distortion when pressing.

Use for:
  • Press any pieced or embroidered block with ease.
  • Block knitted projects as well  by pinning them directly to the mat.
  • Fabulous for quick pressing when kept next to your sewing machine
Bloc Loc Rulers
Designed to eliminate "rocking" when cutting with a rotary cutter. Check them out! The Half Square Triangle (HST) sets and individual rulers, along with the Flying Geese rulers are customer favourites. Perfect for squaring up your Half Square Triangle and Flying Geese blocks. Click on this link to watch a YouTube demo of the HST Bloc Loc, and this link for a demo of the Flying Geese Bloc Loc
Batting Tape
The perfect thing to join all those leftover bits and pieces of batting. This fusible tape makes it easy to join pieces of batting together.
Oak Alley by Di Ford Hall
Pre-order now for early 2022 delivery
There has recently been announced a new Di Ford Hall range of fabric called "Oak Alley" due to be released in early 2022. Oak Alley is the name of Di and Brian's property where they lived with their beloved dogs and horses.
This range was being designed by Di before she passed away, but not completed. Her daughter Nicci worked with Andover to complete the finishing touches to these fabrics.

The Oak Alley fabrics have just been added to our website, and you can download an order form and pre-order fabrics at any stage if you wish. A non-refundable deposit will be required of $50 (or less if your order is less than $50 of course!)
Orders placed prior to 26th September will be assured of an allocation of fabric from the first shipment of fabrics due to arrive early 2022.

New in store!

Animal Alphabet
Available in 2 colour options (pink or blue), and either as a panel or kit
We have some new SLIMLINE light pads in stock. Perfect for tracing out your embroidery designs, applique pieces and lining up seamlines when foundation paper piecing


Glenfern Lodge by Max and Louise is in stock now.
Available by the metre or in a Fat Quarter Bundle. Fat Quarter Bundles contain 28 Fat Quarters for $194.50 (normally $210)
Story Time by American Jane
Available by the metre, or in Fat Quarter and Fat 1/8th bundles.
Fat Quarter bundles : 25 Fat Quarters $159.50 (normally $175)
Fat 1/8th bundles : 25 Fat 1/8ths $79.50 (normally $87.50)
Whiskers and Tails
Perfect for a quilt or a bag for a dog lover, or a floor mat for your favourite dog!
Love Always by Anna Maria Horner
A selection of 5 beautiful prints from the range


The Big Book of Hand Embroidery
Sit back and unwind as you surround yorself in the art (and fun!) of hand embroidery. You'll find 52 projects including tiny treasures, tea towels, small quilts and runners, bags and pouches, and even note cards - all designed to give your hands something beautiful to stitch while you kick back and relax.
That’s it for now – thanks for reading to the end! 
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