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  • Bobbini

    BobbiniKeep your bobbins organized on top of colour matching thread spools.Fits on all brands of home sewing and embroidery thread spools.Made of quality rubber that adjust to any spool diameter.

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  • Cohana Ceramic Thread Spool

    Magnetic Spool of Hasami Ware “Hasami Ware” has a history of about 400 years, and has been widely produced since the Edo era and many people feel familiar with it. This is a ceramic spool which has been made by Cohana in collaboration with...

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  • Cohana Drawstring Pouch with Himeji leather

    Cohana Drawstring Pouch with Himeji leather

    Himeji Leather Pouch Himeji white leather is also called Shironameshi that is good for people and the environment, tanned only with the use of ingredients provided by nature, and no chemicals. Leather tanned this way is given a beautiful white finish...

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  • Cohana Magewappa Embroidery Hoop Toolbox

    Cohana Magewappa Embroidery Hoop Toolbox

    Magewappa Embroidery Hoop Toolbox THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE BY PRE-ORDER ONLY. Please contact us on 03 9877 1664 for more information. A “Magewappa” (box made by bending wood) and  “Embroidery Hoop” bent and made by hand...

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  • Cohana Marking Pins with Glass Beads

    Marking Pins with Glass Beads This product is currently out of stock but can be re-ordered. Please let us know if you'd like us to order them for you. Mysterious “tombo-dama” (glass beads), their production method already established by the...

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  • Gift Certificate

    Sewn and Quilted Gift Certificates are available in any multiple of $10 amounts, and have a 12 month expiry date. For a $10 certificate, place 1 in the quantity box below. For a $20 certificate, place 2 in the quantity box, $30...

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  • Handy Container

    New from Noble Notions, a cute container for all those little things that tend to get lost.  Keep them all in one place with this container.

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  • Luchello Thread and Ribbon Storage Cards

    Luchello Thread and Ribbon Storage Cards

    Antique style Thread and Ribbon Storage Cards. Inspired by antique ephemera and fabrics in the l'uccello archive. The cards are a beautiful and practical way to store treasured threads, lace and ribbons. Designed and manufactured in Melbourne.

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  • Luchello Vintage Thread Caddy

    Based on an antique design this thread caddy is the perfect place to organise and store your favourite threads. Luchello has designed die-cut cardboard pieces that are simple to cover with fabric and easily fold into place.

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  • Mini Magnets

    Magnetic needle minders are one of the handiest gadgets you can have in your sewing kit and can be used with any type of stitching. These handmade needle minders are designed to attach securely to your work to hold your needle when you need to re-thread...

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