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  • Clover Clip and Glide Bodkin

    The Clip 'n Glide Bodkin is the perfect go-to bodkin for casings that are 3/4" and larger. The clip provides a firm hold on elastic, ribbon, trims and cording, for pulling through casings with ease. The exceptional flexibility...

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  • Sew-In Magnetic Snap Set

    Super strong magnetic snaps for an invisible closure to your purse, handbag, or clutch.Set includes two magnetic pieces, a positive and a negative, to create one closure.Perfect for purses, bags, backpacks and more.Get...

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  • Stiletto and Pressing Tool

    This precision placement tool combines a stiletto with a pressing tool with several special features that set it apart from any tool on the market. A rough tip to prevent it from slipping on fabric and a flat part on the handle to keep it from falling...

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