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  • Ruler 6" x 1"

    Ruler 6" x 1" Possessing the same fluorescent qualities as the Matildas Own Imperial Fibre Optic Rulers. An absolute must for accurate quilting blocks. Cut with accuracy of 1200 dpi and the only ruler that is Laser engraved to the same...

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  • Ruler 60cm x 25cm

    60cm x 30cm 30cm x 60 cm - Metric Fibre Optic Ruler. Possessing the same fluorescent qualities as the Matilda Imperial Fibre Optic Rulers own rulers, the fibre optic squares come in a large selection of sizes designed to suit any quilting...

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  • Ruler Stand

    Ruler StandKeep rulers organised with these handmade stands. Available for both regular rulers (3mm size) and long arm rulers (6mm size). Please select your required size below.

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  • Stripology Ruler

    Stripology Ruler Reduce your rotary cutting time by up to 75% with the Stripology ruler. Cut up your full width fabric and fat quarters into the most popular pre-cuts on the market – 1 ½ & 2 ½ inch strips; 5 & 10 inch squares.

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  • Swag Ruler 5.5" x 12"

    Swag Ruler 5.5" x 12"The Swag Ruler is perfect to use with the the wider 5.5" (or less) pre-cuts.It's also fantastic for mitering corners, and for joining the closing two ends of your binding together.An extremely versatile and...

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  • TIS Amazing!

    TIS Amazing! is the first in the series of TIS books featuring the new Triangle in a square on point ruler. You will find exciting new designs and patterns as well as helpful tips and tricks. For quilters of all levels this book will amaze...

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  • TIS Fantastic

    The second book in the Tis series is full on new and wonderful patterns! Introducing the new HST-OP rulers as well!

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