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  • Clover Fusible Web - 10mm wide

    Clover Fusible Web - 10mm wideThe 10mm wide fusible web is suitable for use with the 12mm (Order Code: CV4013), 18mm (Order Code: CV4014) and 25mm (Order Code: CV4015) fusible bias tape makers.10mm x 12 metre roll.

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  • Clover Fusible Web - 5mm wide

    Clover Fusible Web - 5mm wideThe 5mm wide fusible web is suitable for use with the 6mm (Order Code: CV4011) and 9mm (Order Code: CV4012) fusible bias tape makers.5mm x 12 metre roll.

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  • Clover Hera Marker

    Clover Hera Marker

    Clover Hera Marker   The Hera Marker makes slight creases on fabric that are your sewing guides. Can also be used with carbon paper. Uses no powder, but makes sharp, fine lines.

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  • Clover Iron Shine Cleaning Pen

    Until now cleaning our irons has been pure drudgery. It becomes an event in and of itself requiring time and effort with questionable results. The Iron Shine Cleaning Pen has changed all of that.  Resembling a large felt tip pen, the Iron Shine can...

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  • Clover Patchwork Multi Board

    The Clover multi-fuctional ironing and cutting board folds for easy travel - a handy tool to take to classes and workshops, and because it takes up so little space it's also great to keep near your swing area at home, or take it with you when you're on...

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  • Clover Pencil Sharpener

    Great for just about any type of pencil -- water-soluble, cosmetic or graphite -- this pretty, thimble-shaped pencil sharpener is great for toting around in your sewing/quilting bag. Made of brass and is about 1 1/4in.  

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  • Clover Roll and Press

    Roll to press seam or fold. Won’t pull, stretch or distort fabric. Tapered wheel to focus pressure on seam. Prevents seam impression on right side of project. Comfortable, ergonomic handle. Ideal for paper piecing and laminates. Use to seal glued...

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  • Clover Water Soluble Marker (Fine)

    Clover Water Soluble Marker (Fine)Clover's Water Soluble Markers are good for marking. Markings are quickly removed with water. Depending on the fabric, residual markings may remain after drying. Test on a piece of scrap fabric before use.

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